8th Grade Universal Field Trip Rules & Dress Code

8th Grade Universal Field Trip Rules & Dress Code
Posted on 05/14/2019

Gradventure PDF
Universal’s Gradventure 2019
Minimum Dress Code and Standard Terms

1.All guests are required to comply with Universal’s safety rules and are cautioned to heed all warnings. You, the undersigned, agree, on behalf of the school named below, that Universal may refuse entry and expel any person whose conduct is objectionable. You understand that the Admission Media is a revocable license and admission may be refused upon refunding the face value of the Admission Media.

2.You represent and warrant that you have obtained written parental consent for all minors travelling to Gradventure (the “Event”).

3.Student/Chaperone Dress Code. Students and Chaperones shall abide by the minimum dress code set forth on Exhibit A. Any individuals not abiding by the dress code will not be allowed in the parks for the Event. You agree to share and enforce all the rules of Gradventure requirements, with the Event Attendees. You agree to enforce these rules prior to and throughout the Event.

4.Bag Checks. For safety and security reasons, Universal will search all bags and Universal reserves the right to require that certain size bags be kept in the transportation vehicles. Please note that guests may be subject to electronic security scans (i.e., metal detectors) at the Event.

5.Client understands that Gradventure is a smoke-free, alcohol-free and drug-free event. You further understand that this is a closed event requiring that all participants (including chaperones) remain within Islands of Adventure until the conclusion of the Event at 12:00 a.m. You agree to share this information with each Event Attendee from Client’s group.

All Event Attendees will be required to stay in the Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios theme parks for the duration of the Event. It is the chaperones’ responsibility to ensure that the middle school graduating class of 2019 abides by Universal Orlando’s requirements.

EXHIBIT A GRADVENTURE 2019 at Universal’s Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida ® Minimum Dress Code

Universal’s Gradventure is a once-a-year school event requiring enforcement of a dress code to ensure proper dress/attire for students and chaperones. All outfits must remain intact for the entire Universal’s Gradventure event. The school is responsible for enforcing the dress code prior to arrival to the event.

Universal Orlando Resort team members and Gradventure Event Staff have the right to refuse admission to anyone (students and chaperones) whom they deem to be dressed inappropriately for the event and/or not in compliance with these guidelines, and will continue to enforce this dress code throughout the event. Merchandise will be available for purchase at event entrances for those in non-compliance who still choose to seek admission to the event. We thank you in advance for your cooperation with our dress code.

GIRLS Dresses, skirts, capris or Bermuda shorts no shorter than mid-thigh Casual pants (including jeans) Casual blouses and tops with sleeves at least 3 inches wide Comfortable shoes (including tennis shoes, dress sandals, boots and flip-flops) Hats

GUYS Casual pants or shorts (including khakis and jeans), secured at waist Shirts with sleeves (golf/polo, dress shirts and t-shirts) Comfortable shoes (including tennis shoes, dress shoes, boots and flip-flops) Hats

Purses under the size of 8.5” x 5.5” are acceptable Drawstring backpacks Chaperones may bring large backpacks

 Accessories that may be used as weapons (chains, spiked collars or belts, wallets, sharp objects, jewelry, pendants or charms larger than 2 inches) Clothing with excessive holes, tearing, or shredding Visible undergarments Tank tops or undershirts Clothing that exposes excessive portions of the skin that may be viewed as inappropriate at a school function (e.g., bikini tops and bottoms) Short shorts Area codes displayed on clothing or accessories