Omni Middle Summer Reading

Omni Middle Summer Reading
Posted on 06/15/2021

Omni Middle School

Summer Assignments


All assignments are mandatory


All students must complete the “Do the Write Thing” essay/poem

in addition to the assignment listed below by grade (click here for instructions)


6th Grade:




  1. All students must choose one book from the Sunshine State Young Readers Award Books 2021-22 (list is linked below)
    • All titles on the SSYRA list are available in eBook form on MackinVia, which can be accessed by logging into the Student Portal and searching for “MackinVia”
    • Click the MackinVia tile and search for a book by title.
  2. After reading the book, students will write two paragraphs describing a character from the book.
  3. The assignment is due Friday, August 20.
  4. Link to SSYRA list: Sunshine State Young Readers Award Books 2021-2022 List for Grades 6-8



            Please click here to see the assignment



7th Grade:




  • All students will read “24 Hours in Nowhere” by Dusti Bowling


  • Assignments for the reading will be given during the first week of school in each classroom




8th Grade:


  • All students will read “The House on Mango Street” by Sandra Cisneros. You can click here to read a PDF version of the book.



  • A discussion and a quiz on the book will take place during the first weeks of school.
  • Students can choose to complete the advanced assignment described below instead of taking the quiz.




  • Write your own vignettes in the same style as the book. These vignettes should be about your life or about the life of a fictional character you create. The assignment will be due the first few weeks of school and will count as a project grade for the first quarter. Your project must include the following:


  • An original cover
  • a Table of Contents
  • a dedication
  • A mini author bio
  • A minimum of 3 vignettes of at least 100 words
  • The vignettes should combine to tell a larger overall story
  • Each vignette must have at least one small picture/illustration with it
  • Rubric is printed below



RUBRIC for 8th grade vignette project


The cover is an original creation and includes color and creativity.



(up to 20 points)


There are at least 3 vignettes, each at least 100 words, all vignettes connect to tell a larger story.




(up to 35 points)


The assignment used

original ideas and images. Effort was put forth to produce the best possible product.


(up to 25 points)


The response demonstrates an adequate command of basic conventions, including:

• Some minor errors, but no patterns of errors;

• Adequate use of punctuation, sentence formation, and spelling.



(up to 20 points)


The cover is partly an original creation, but is lacking in color and creativity.


(up to 15 points)


There are less than 3 vignettes, each less than 100 words, but still tell a larger story.


(up to 25 points)


The assignment used some original ideas and images. Some effort was put forth to produce the product.


(up to 20 points)

The response demonstrates a partial command of basic conventions, including:

• Various errors in usage; Inconsistent use of correct punctuation, sentence formation, spelling, etc.

(up to 15 points)

The cover is copied or printed from a source, but cited properly and enhanced

(up to 10 points)

There are 3 vignettes, each less than 100 words, but still attempt to tell a larger story


(up to 15 points)

The assignment used few original ideas and images.


(up to 15 points)




The cover is copied from elsewhere with nothing added by the student.

(up to 5 points)

There are 2 vignettes, each less than 100 words, but still attempt to tell a larger story.

(up to 10 points)

The assignment included almost no original ideas or images.


(up to 10 points)